KMtronic DMX test software




Please disconnect all other FTDI devices connected to PC!!!


Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


Download test software from:


Unzip and run "KMtronic_DMX_Tester.exe"


If DMX adapter is connected and drivers are installed software show this message:


You have to set on "Device Channel" the same as the channel on your DMX device.
For example if your DMX device is set to 45 channel, then on "Device Channel" has to be 45.


Next when you change channels (CH1 to CH15) your device will change colors, position or other functions.


Example channels DMX 4 channels Moving Head

Channel 1 - PAN
Channel 2 - TILT
Channel 3 - COLOR
Channel 4 - GOBO




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